Terms of Use

1. About

1.1. These terms and stipulations shall define your use of the Website.

1.2. This Website is a social media platform that offers a viable channel of revenue for a Creator to share their appropriate content at a free, subscription or premium level to registered Users thereby generating a personal revenue through VIP DOLLZ, which is operated by Only VIP’s.

1.3. If you have any apprehensions or disagreements regarding these terms and do not wish to except than you must not agree to these terms and subsequently not use VIP DOLLZ.

1.4. This Website is for strictly over 18 use, if any person under the age of 18 is caught trying to gain access their account will automatically be removed. Any Creator an User that uses this Website must show forms of Payment or ID as proof of Age and Identity.

1.5. Only VIP’s reserves the right to make changes on any Policy or Terms page on this Website at its own discretion. Any and All changes posted by Only VIP’s are effective immediately and apply universally throughout this website from that point on. It is up to an User to routinely check this page for any updates made to these Terms.

1.6. This Website uses cookies; for more information regarding these please visit or Cookies and Privacy Policy. By agreeing to these agreements you henceforth agree to the use of cookies.

1.7. It is up to the User to establish the legality of all content that they view, pay, or post in the terms of their own Country. Only VIP’s is not liable to any law or action that you may break by failing this responsibility.

1.8. By registering and agreeing to these terms you agree to allow communications by Only VIP’s that may include; emails, electronic communications, notifications and messages regarding your account. More information about this is detailed in our Privacy Policy which is located at vipdollz.co.uk/privacypolicy. If at any time of your use of this Website you wish to withdraw your consent to communication by Only VIP’s please contact us at support@vipdollz.co.uk.

1.9. If you are an account that showcases models and content that is other than you then you must ensure that you have gained complete consent to document and share this content. It is your legal obligation to ensure that any person(s) that is featured on your account is over the age of 18 at the making of this content. If it is discovered than consent or age was not abided by legal actions may be taken out on the User. Only VIP’s hold no liability for any misuse of content

2. Registration

2.1. If you wish to register on this Website then you must complete a registration form. Within this form you are required to provide a true, email address, username and password. By using this Website you consent that all the information gathered Is true to your person.

2.2. All information that is gained is governed by the terms Only VIP’s Privacy Policy.

2.3. Only VIP’s strongly advises against giving out your personal login details or access to your account.

2.4. If any person gains these details or you see unusual activity in your login history please contact us at support@vipdollz.co.uk

3. Acceptable Use

3.1. It is always mandatory for all Users to respect and abide by these Terms below , while using VIP DOLLZ

3.2. You may not:

3.2.1. Impersonate Only VIP’s in any entity, whether as employees, another User or any other representation that may be deemed a misrepresentation of one’s self. You may not misrepresent or falsify your relationship with Only VIP’s in terms of a sponsorship or form of endorsement.

3.2.2. Submit untrue or falsified information in your registration.

3.2.3. Use VIP DOLLZ other than for your own lawful and fully adhering to these Terms.

3.2.4. Use VIP DOLLZ for any intent to exploit, harm or threaten harm to any minors that in any way may expose them to inappropriate content and subsequent harm.

3.2.5. Use data collected on this Website to ‘spam’ ‘chain mail’ or communicate advertisement like messages that could be classed as marketing activity which also includes but not limited to; SMS, telemarketing, direct mail, email marketing.

3.2.6. Use the Website by any form of automated tool or software (including without limitation to web crawlers, robots, bots, spiders, and automated scripts) to access the Vip Dollz Server

3.2.7. Copy, distribute, edit, reproduce or create a by-product of work from, any area of VIP DOLLZ without written approval by Only VIP’s.

3.2.8. Use this Website in any other regard that may be deemed restrictive to another User or limit enjoyment of the Website which is deemed harmful by Only VIP’s at their own discretion.

4. Content Rules

4.1. You are not to create, upload, edit, post, display, publish or distribute content that:

4.1.1. Promotes prostitution services.

4.1.2. Promotes any illegal activity or the assistance in anything unlawful

4.1.3. Violates copyright, trademark, right of privacy, intellectual property rights or rights under the data protection legislation

4.1.4. Causes upset, annoyance or cause of alarm to any other person

4.1.5. Promotes or advertises the use of firearms, weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia.

4.1.6. be offensive, deceptive, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, anti-social, menacing, hateful, discriminatory or inflammatory

4.1.7. Be considered explicit or gruesome in a violent manner

4.1.8. Give any misrepresentation or impression that a User or Content that is published by a User is endorsed by Only VIP’s or any other entity that is associated to Only VIP’s

4.1.9. Is obscene, illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, hateful, libellous, discriminatory, threatening or harassing, or incite violence in any regard

4.1.10. User content in non-confidential and will be made available to respected Users of the class of content published on the Website

4.1.11. If you are publishing content that depicts persons other than yourself that you have valid identification to prove age and written consent of distribution of the content in question

4.1.12. You allow Only VIP’s and third parties or licensees the right to modify, distribute, display and otherwise disclose any material you may upload on the Website. * For such use as to add watermarks, any stickers or add-ons you wish to add, text and regular normal uses of an the Website.

4.1.13. Any questions that you may have regarding User Content, please email us at support@vipdollz.co.uk

5. Copyright

5.1. Trademark ™ ® 2020 Only VIP’s Ltd.

5.2. The Users which publish content through this website owns and has control of all copyright and intellectual property rights that are attached to any uploaded material to their own personal vipdollz.co.uk account.

6. Allowance to use the Website

6.1. You may:

6.1.1. Access and create an account on vipdollz.co.uk

6.1.2. View pages from vipdollz.co.uk through a browser

6.1.3. Stream media files such as audio and video from vipdollz.co.uk

6.1.4. Use the services and functions of vipdollz.co.uk, subject to the stipulations which are outlined in the terms and conditions.

7. Only VIP’s reserves the absolute right at any time without notice to:

7.1. Restrict, suspend or terminate your access to Vip Dollz or any portion of the Website

7.2. Monitor your use of Vip Dollz to verify constant compliance with these terms or the law

7.3. Delete any content that Vip Dollz deems reasonable that at the time violated any of our terms or the law.

7.4. Disclose any and all information about your use of VIP DOLLZ in connection with legal requirements by law enforcement

7.5. Change Payment Providers, licensees or third parties that have been granted specific information which is normal in the operation of this Website

8. Account Deactivation and suspension

8.1. We may

8.1.1. Cancel your account

8.1.2. Suspend or restrict your account

8.1.3. Edit details of your account At any time at our discretion

8.2. If you choose to deactivate your account on Vip DOLLZ then you are able to do that within your settings

8.3. If you are a User and you request to deactivate your account, this will be processed as soon as possible. You will no longer be charged or have access to any content or ability to contact anyone from within the Website. Any subscriptions will be permanently deleted.

8.4. If you are a Creator then you can only deactivate your account when the last of your subscribers membership expires. You are able to withdraw all funds and remove subscription options from within your creator settings.

8.5. If you have both a Creator and User account then you must deactivate them separately or contact support@vipdollz.co.uk for any assistance.

8.6. You will receive an email confirmation upon the successful deletion of the account

9. Licence

9.1. topic to the entire terms, conditions, boundaries and restrictions contained in these Terms, we consent to you a conditional, revocable, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, not-restricted and limited licence to make use of the online page on your own lawful and private use only. Only VIP’s reserve the right to revoke or terminate said licence described above at their own discretion without justification. All rights that are not mentioned within these terms are reserved by Only VIP’s.

10. Affiliate Program

10.1. Only VIP’s has introduced an Affiliate Program which incentivises Creators to refer and introduce another potential creator to Vip Dollz. At a point that the Creator gains an affiliate by using their unique affiliate url then the clause is set. Only VIP’s will then pursue payment towards the referrer at a 5% rate of the referred creators earnings within the Website.

10.2. Only Creators with a valid Creator account can participate

10.3. Each Creator has a unique affiliate url code that can be found within the affiliate settings.

10.4. The referred Creator must use the unique code that is made available to them. If a creator referred VIP Dollz to another Person who ends up joining as a creator without the use of the referral code then the referrer may send support@vipdollz.co.uk evidence of an introduction or conversation that in turn results in their registration then at Only VIP’s discretion may post registration add the referred creator under the referrers affiliates.

10.5. The referred Creator must never have held a VIP Dollz Creator account.

10.6. You may not misrepresent your link to be not affiliated to your account.

10.7. If the referred Creator subsequently gains referrals under themselves then the initial referrer will only have commissions paid to them through the first initial Creator referral.

10.8. At anytime that incorrect payments have been made by Only VIP’s as commission or incentive payments then Only VIP’s reserves the right to collect and recover said monies from the Creator

10.9. Only VIP’s reserves the right to ask for further validation of credentials to avoid any abuse of the Affiliate Program.

10.10. The commission payments that are made by Only VIP’s are deducted from the retained amount of Only VIP’s and not of the monies of the Creator.

11. Fees

11.1. Only VIP’s takes 20% from any monies made on the Website excluding the VIP Room which takes 35%

11.2. If the need arises to delete or remove your account than Only VIP’s reserves the right to reimburse any outstanding subscribers or monies owed by the Creator.

11.3. Only VIP’s reserves the right at its own discretion as a result of a chargeback to deduct monies from the Creators balance with communication being made as to why this amount has been removed.

11.4. All fees that are incurred by the User are at a rate that is at the Creators personal sole discretion.

11.5. All fees paid by the User to the Creators are to be initially paid and approved to VIP Dollz in advance.

11.6. Fees may vary as the Creator has full control over their rates. This will not affect any purchases that you have already made

11.7. All coins purchased through Only VIP’s are non-refundable and purchases are final.

11.8. If you dispute any payments made to us then you must contact us immediately with full details of the claim.

11.9. If you make a charge-back or unjustified charge them you will be liable to pay us, within 10 days following the written claim details being provided to us. These details are

11.9.1. The exact amount that was charged to you

11.9.2. All third party expenses incurred by us related to the charge-back

11.9.3. Any reasonable costs that are incurred in the recovery of the amount that is stated in 11.9.1 (including without limitation to legal or debt collectors fees)

11.10. If you have any outstanding owing’s to us then we reserve the right to suspend any services that are available to you

12. Exclusions of Liability, limitations and warranties

12.1. We do not warrant or represent:

12.1.1. Any trueness of the accuracy of any information published on VIP Dollz

12.1.2. Any content published is up to date

12.1.3. All services and functions of this Website will remain forever available or be available for viewing 24 hours a day.

12.2. In the event that a service or function is to become unavailable on the Website there will be no right or expectation to any compensation in any regard.

12.3. We exclude all representations and warranties relating to the subject matter of these terms and conditions, VIP Dollz.

13. Nothing in these phrases and stipulations will:

13.1. restrict or prohibit any legal responsibility for loss of life or private harm because of negligence.

13.2. bar any liabilities that will not be excluded beneath relevant law

13.3. restrict any liabilities by any means that shouldn't be accredited beneath relevant law

13.4. restrict or veto any legal responsibility for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation happen to are a consumer, your statutory rights might not be excluded or microscopic by these phrases and conditions, excluding to the amount of authorised by law.

13.5. the constraints and exclusions of legal responsibility set out on this and some place else in these phrases and conditions:

13.5.1. govern all liabilities bobbing up beneath these phrases and stipulations or when it comes to the subject material of those phrases and conditions, together with liabilities bobbing up in contract, in tort (including negligence) and for breach of statutory duty, excluding to the amount of expressly supplied in any other case in these phrases and conditions.

13.5.2. To the extent that VIP Dollz and the guidelines and products and on VIP DOLLZ are equipped freed from charge, we might not be answerable for any loss or ruin of any nature.

13.5.3. We is probably not at risk of you in honour of any losses coming up out of any occasion or occasions past our realistic control.

13.5.4. We might not be prone to you in honour of any industry losses, together with (without limitation) lack of or wreck to profits, income, revenue, use, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, industrial alternatives or goodwill.

13.5. You settle for that now an passion in limiting the non-public legal responsibility of our officers and workers and, having regard to that interest, you acknowledge that we're a small legal responsibility entity; you settle that you are going to not supply any declare i think i would say in opposition to our officers or workers in honor of any losses you endure in reference to the web content or these phrases and prerequisites (this will not, of course, restrict or ban the legal responsibility of the microscopic legal responsibility entity itself for the acts and omissions of our officers and employees).

13.2- Refund Policy

13.6. All purchases made on VIP Dollz are final and non-refundable.

13.7. Any purchase made on VIP Dollz and subsequently subject to a chargeback will result in the User’s account being immediately and permanently excluded from VIP Dollz.

13.8. Refunds will only be eligible when the VIP has not completed the sale as specified. If an account is removed before the subscription period ends (or a large proportion of content) or in the event of a premium post title not matching the content.

14. Indemnification

14.1. In using VIP Dollz, you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Only VIP’s or any representatives or employees and assigns that any and all claims, actions, legal actions, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including without limitation legal expenses and any amounts paid by us to a third party in settlement of a claim or dispute). Any violation to the Terms or any applicable law.

14.2. Complaint and Dispute policy

Only VIP’s Events and Promotions believes that if a user wishes to make a complaint or register a concern they should find it easy to do so. It is our policy to welcome complaints and look upon them as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide better services. This policy is intended to ensure that complaints are dealt with properly and that all complaints or comments by service users and their relatives and carers are taken seriously.

The policy is not designed to apportion blame, to consider the possibility of negligence or to provide compensation. It is NOT part of each establishment’s disciplinary policy.

If you wish to raise a dispute or complaint with us, please contact support@vipdollz.co.uk

15. Governing Law

15.1. Only VIP’s is subject to the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute that is between Only VIP’s and yourself regarding VIP Dollz will be exposed exclusively through the courts of England and Wales.

16. Details

18.1. This Website is owned and run by Only VIP’s Events and Promotions Ltd.

18.2. We are a registered company with the Company No. 11861211 located at PO Box 8401 Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 1GZ

18.3. You are able to contact Only VIP’s at info@vipdollz.co.uk


In the Terms and Conditions of vipdollz.co.uk certain terms have specific meanings, the following meanings are:

Affiliate Payment: VIP DOLLZ gives payments to creators that have brought other creators to the Website by use of their unique link.

Chargeback: A real demand by a credit card supplier to put right the loss the credit card supplier has incurred as a result of the User disputing a charge without just cause from a paid purchase using the Users credit card.

Creator: a User who uploads content on VIP DOLLZ that is to be seen by other registered Users on the Website.

Commission: the monetary value calculated as a share of the earnings paid by followers to view a creator's personal material.

Only VIPS: Only Vip’s Events and Promotions Limited, company number 11861211 with address at: PO Box 8401 Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE111GZ are the registered company of which VIP DOLLZ is associated with.

Payment Provider: The third party that the Website may intrust with the ability to make payments to a Creator.

User: any registered User of this Website.

VIP DOLLZ: The Social network at which the website makes creators an available avenue to earn revenue and connect users and creators to exclusive content.

Wallet Credits: A prepayment made by a Fan/User to Only Vips to gain the available currency available on this platform to facilitate an interaction of a Creator that falls within the parameters of these Terms.

Website: the website www.vipdollz.co.uk