Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. Throughout this policy, terms such as “we”, “us”, “our” and “website” refers to Only VIP’s Events and Promotions which operates the website that this Policy refers to.

1.2. This Website does use cookies, these cookies are not mandatory and if you do not accept the use of cookies then you will still have complete access to the website, whether all features are still available is not guaranteed.

2. Personal Verification Data

2.1. As we are only available for people over 18 years of age, we have specific ways to ensure that all information that is given is true and correct. Because of these checks we may share the below information with third party processors that ensure the age restriction and information security. We reserve the absolute right to change third parties at any time that we deem necessary without any notification needing to be made to you. The data that we may share to third parties for verification is:

2.1.1. Full Name

2.1.2. Your Address

2.1.3. Passport or ID

2.1.4. Photo of oneself

2.1.5. Date of birth

3. Further Information that we may collect

3.1. Whether a Creator or User we may also collect

3.1.1. Information that we gain when you use our services

3.1.2. Third party information

3.1.3. Any information that you choose to give us, such as. Email address DOB Passport or ID Banking credentials Your Name Any additional information that is public information on the website or that we may ask you to provide to us.

4. When you use

4.1. When you access the website, we collect information such as.

4.1.1. Information collected by our cookies. The cookies we use are the standard analytics and session cookies (For your information: more importantly web browsers are set to just accept cookies by default. in the event you prefer, which typically eliminate or reject browser cookies throughout the settings to your browser or device. maintain in mind, though, that putting off or rejecting cookies may have a bearing upon the provision and performance of our services.)

4.1.2. Location information. When you use our services, we may collect information about your location.

4.1.3. instrument information. We collect IP addresses or different identification records from and in regard to the gadgets you use. we collect information approximately your hardware and software, corresponding to the hardware model, running scheme version, software memory, and marketing identifiers, authentic software identifiers, apps installed, authentic tool identifiers, browser type, language, battery stage and time zone.

4.1.4. material information. We assemble material you craft on our services, akin to sized stickers, photos, videos, dual content and knowledge in regards to the material you make or provide, akin to if the recipient has considered the material and the metadata that is supplied with the content.

4.1.5. Usage information. We collect information about content that Fans have accessed. We may highlight to that user similar content

4.1.6. Logs. We collect a log of when you use our site: Access Times Pages views IP address Device information

5. Cookies

5.1. Our providers and website use cookies that may at some point be stored on your computer when you use the website

5.2. We use analytics reporters that gathers information through the use of cookies.

6. Payment Providers

6.1. The volume of payments made by Users to access content, payments made to Creators for their content and where Users reside means that we use third party payment providers. This involves the transfer of personal data being names and bank details.

6.2. When Users make payments, these are processed through third party processors. You will contract with those third parties which will be the data controller of that data.

6.3. When we receive the monies, we remit the balance to the Creators, minus management fees. The Creator will ether:

6.4. contract with the third-party processor. We use a number of third-party processors; or

6.5. be paid by us – if this happens the Creator enters their banking information – each bank and jurisdiction have its own requirements onto our platform. We then arrange for payment.

7. How we use your Data

7.1. We use these facts to make certain that the material will probably be loved by everyone. Our goal is to attempt to maintain the material appropriate, tasteful and lawful. listed below are one of the vital methods we do that:

7.2. develop, operate, improve, deliver, care for and offer ion to our merchandise and services.

7.3. send you communications, together with by email. We may use e-mail to reply to make stronger enquiries or to share details about our site.

7.4. monitor and analyse developments and usage.

7.5. verify your id and stop fraud or different unauthorised or against the law activity.

7.6. use facts we have accumulated from cookies and different know-how to fortify the products and your expertise with them. This contains use for our referral conspiracy and completely consumer visible settings.

7.7. enforce our phrases of carrier and different utilization policies.

7.8. We may on top of retailer or use facts in the community in your device.

8. Our Details

8.1. This Website is owned and operated by Only VIP’s Events and Promotions

8.2. We are registered in England and Wales with the company number 11861211.

8.3. With the registered address of, PO BOX 8401, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, England, DE11 1GZ

8.4. If you need to contact us please email us at,

As you are NOT an employee of VIP Dollz, all US creators are required by law to complete a W9 form for tax purposes. You can find the form W9 Form Here.