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General Enquiries

To become a verified creator on VIP Dollz you must submit one valid for of photo ID ie. Passport or Drivers Licence to prove age and identity. Once you have submitted the required documentation your information will be either approved or denied by our team within 48 hours.
VIP Dollz current payment methods accepted by our processor is: Visa /Mastercard Some Prepaid Visa cards We do not accept PayPal or gift cards at this time.
If you wish to close your account go to the general settings page of your account, at the bottom of the options bar you will see ‘Delete Account’ from there input your current Password. If you are a user than your account will automatically be taken down. A creator will be paid out the remainder of their available funds and on the conclusion of their last subscribers’ membership their account and content will also be removed.
VIP Dollz is one of the only platforms that allows you to follow your favourite creators for free! With our 3 tier system fans are able to follow or subscribe to our Dollz. To gain access to exclusive content from our Dollz you are able to subscribe for a monthly custom rate.
We have both PC and Mobile capabilities.
By going to vipdollz.co.uk you are able to login via your username/email and password.
VIP Dollz is an over 18's platfrom. We allow a variety of unique and niche content, however the types of content that is not allowed to be posted on this site is: - Anything deemed illegal by the country that you are feeling or publishing the content from. - Age Play - Hard Sports - Hateful or discrimatory content. For a list of our banned words see here Banned Words
Clicking the link “Forgotten Password” on the landing page will send a reset password link to your registered email. Please contact support@vipdollz.co.uk if you require any assistance in gaining access to your account.


If you are a Creator resident in the UK, it depends on whether or not you are registered for VAT. The following guidance from HMRC explains when you are required to register for VAT https://www.gov.uk/vat-registration/when-to-register. For clarity, your Earnings is classed as “VAT Taxable Turnover” as referred to in the guidance article. If your earnings do not exceed the VAT Threshold explained in the guidance article, and you are not registered for VAT. We recommend seeking professional advice to ensure you are compliant with your local rules based on your individual circumstances.
VIP Dollz pays Webcam and Subscription earnings weekly. Minimum Payments are £50. Accounts with under £50 after fees will be rolled into the next week, and will continue to until minimum amount is reached which by that time will then be paid on the closest payment cycle. If you require a payment outside of our pay period or a smaller one off payment please contact support@vipdollz.co.uk and we will do our best in arranging a payment solution.
International Payments are also made weekly, but we ask for you to expect between 5-10 days for your funds to be available in your account. We will need other information for your banking such as IBAN, or your routing number if paying to an International Account. As you are NOT an employee of VIP Dollz, all US creators are required by law to complete a W9 form for tax purposes. You can find the form W9
VIP Dollz enables our Dollz to charge their VIP’s any figure between £4.99-£100. Which can be changed as frequently as you require.
You receive 5% of the commission that a friend earns when they sign up via your link. Referral earnings are paid on request, with a minimum of £50 having to be available in your referral income. Referral earnings are paid out monthly. In the case that your referral income doesn’t meet our minimum requirement the income will be rolled over month by month until you reach the threshold. Once you meet the minimum threshold you will be paid the next scheduled billing cycle. If by chance a Doll has signed up as the result of a referral from you yet did not use your referral link you can contact us on support@vipdollz.co.uk with proof of an interaction that resulted in her subsequently signing up i.e.. Screenshots of a conversation we have the ability to then add you on as a referrer. This will be assessed on a case by case basis by our team.
On VIP Dollz you keep 80% on subscription, tips and album earnings, 30% on VIP Room earnings and 5% referral for life. No other UK Platform has been able to offer this many streams of income in a single place before!
Premium posts are locked to all (subscription content is content that is only visible to your subscribers) Premium content can be sent to either you Free, Subscription walls or both simultaneously. Premium content will be unlocked for a custom rate that is set by you.
People will be able to see your profile pic, display pic, username, interests and any other about me details that you choose to add i.e.… general location (London), Gender, Sexual Orientation, Pronouns, Birth Date. You can change your privacy settings in your account to allow all public access or restrict it to just your followers. There Is also an option when you fill in or edit the About me section to Link your other Social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok
In the event of a chargeback by one of your subscribers that amount will be removed from your available earnings. We will also make you aware of the amount and by whom caused the chargeback was requested from in a receipt which will be sent to your email and be available for you to read in your earnings history.
We are a British owned and operated site, so we operate in GBP. For our British Dollz there will be no conversion rate! VIPS from other countries that use the EU or USD or other currencies will be subject to a standard variable conversion rate.
We are available to be accessed anywhere in the world where our platform subject is legal and available without restriction.
Your account can be deleted or frozen at our discretion if you breach any of our Terms and conditions or breach our Policies. If a report has been made in regard to your account, we may need to freeze your use until the matter is settled or investigated. If you feel that there has been an error in suspending or removing your account please contact our team on support@vipdollz.co.uk
Both of your feeds will be merged together for the ease of your viewing however, premium posts, free wall and subscription posts will be differentiated by a small symbol adjacent to your name that makes you aware which wall this has been published to.
VIP Dollz is the first site in the UK to offer an ad service to their adult creators. Just like any business you are able to send out an advert sitewide. You are able to target demographics via location and gender. On the Ad will be a blurb, image and URL. This is to increase your reach in a way that has never been done before!
On VIP Dollz we offer the feature Streaming! Which when you use goes straight to all your followers both free and paid subscribers and also site wide. They will also receive a notification on their profile alerting them that you have gone live. The initial 60 seconds of this streaming will be free and then VIP's will be charged on your per minute rate.


Yes, you have the ability to edit and delete your posts and comments, by going to the menu option on the top right corner of your post you are able to delete, edit your post or disable comments.
VIP Dollz gives Dollz 12 different locations to be tipped including on your public (free) feed.
Your Public feed is under our Terms and Conditions and user Policies. If a breach of any of these has occurred, you will receive a formal warning or be banned from the site. You can read our terms here. Any person(s) that is posted on your feed must be over the age of 18 which on request you are able to prove.
Users may not impersonate or give someone reasonable understanding that you may be a member of VIP Dollz staff i.e. Admin, TechnicalSupport12 You may also not give the false impression that your account is verified or official in nature for example in the way Instagram or Twitter verifies their users, so usernames such as Official, verified etc are not allowed. Abbreviations that suggest unsafe sex, sexual in nature or innuendo for a service you may provide are strictly prohibited i.e. Bareback “BB.”
No, VIP Dollz does not auto-renew subscriptions therefore we do not charge your account without your knowledge.
Your Vault is where all bought Premium content and Albums will be available to you on purchase.
People will be able to see your profile pic, username, interests and any other about me details that you choose to add i.e.… general location (London), Gender, Sexual Orientation, Birth Date. There Is also an option when you fill in or edit the About me section to Link your other Social media platforms. You can change your privacy settings in your account to allow all public access or restrict it to just your followers. Your personal information such as your email, real name, contact number etc will never be allowed for viewing and we suggest that you never disclose that personal information to anyone.
Your Card Statement or transaction history will show up as a payment to DPIV Leisure to ensure complete discretion
VIP Coins are the official VIP Dollz currency. Coins can be purchased within ‘coin manage’ in settings or the quick wallet link on your front page. All coins purchased on VIP Dollz in non-refundable.
VIP coins can be used to tip, purchase albums and access the VIP Room to see your Dollz
Coins can be purchased within ‘coin manage’ in settings or the quick wallet link on your front page. All coins purchased on VIP Dollz in non-refundable.


You can private message any Doll that you are subscribed to or if their privacy settings allows it you may be able to DM non-subscribed Dollz also.
All transactions are final, you are not able to withdrawal coins once a transaction has been processed. However, if there is extenuating circumstances please feel free to contact support@vipdollz.co.uk.
If you are unsatisfied, please contact suport@vipdollz.co.uk all refunds are assessed on a case by case base.
If you are subscribed to a Doll, when they have entered the VIP Room you will be able to see and enter that room from your newsfeed. Find your VIP and VIP Room are also access points to explore the Dollz which are currently active in the VIP Room.
Yes, If a Doll that you are subscribed to or follow posts a upcoming show you will be able to see the show details on your newsfeed. If you wish to search through upcoming shows then going to our ‘VIP Room’ page to search, discover and book a show will show all upcoming shows sitewide. You are able to filter by cost, time and categories.
5 minutes prior to the show you will receive a notification to join the Doll in private. Otherwise you can go to the ‘VIP Room’ tab to ‘Upcoming shows’ to also enter from there.
If you are unsatisfied, please contact support@vipdollz.co.uk all refunds are assessed on a case by case base. If the Doll did not turn up for your booked show, then you will automatically be refunded.